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Frequently Asked Questions - Policies

StudentCare is an insurance plan administrator and a claims handler for insurance policies underwritten by InterGlobal Insurance Company Ltd, a multi-award-winning provider of international health insurance.

At StudentCare we believe in providing our customers with a first class level of service and plans that give our members complete peace of mind, so that when accident or illness unexpectedly strikes you know we will be there to help.

InterGlobal Insurance Company Limited has an AM Best financial strength rating of B++. InterGlobal Insurance Company Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority in the United Kingdom. Firm reference no 458505.  InterGlobal Insurance Company Limited is registered in England No. 05956141. Registered office: Woolmead House East, The Woolmead, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7TT.


StudentCare has specifically been designed for international students aged between 5 and 64 (between 5 and 70, for study in New Zealand) and their families. We have a range short and long term plan options to suit your school requirements and your personal preferences.

If you are in any way unhappy about the service you’ve received, you should contact us immediately and let us know as much as possible about why that is.

We always aim to provide you with a first class standard of service and if you feel we haven’t achieved this objective we’ll try our hardest to work out why that may have happened. If you feel that this has happened to you, please let us know by contacting us at:

StudentCare Customer Services
PO Box 4513

Auckland 1140

Tel: +64 (0) 9 309 2119
Fax: +64 (0) 9 309 4119
Email: enquiries@studentcareinsurance.com

Yes, if you feel the policy does not meet your requirements, you can cancel it without penalty within 14 days of the date we issue the certificate of insurance. You’ll need to inform us in writing (by email, fax or post) and return your certificate of insurance and if your application was made via an education facility or insurance broker the cancellation advice must come from them. Provided you have not already made a claim under the plan, we will gladly and promptly refund any premium which has been paid. StudentCare Policies non-refundable after 14 days.

Yes, but only if you are studying in Australia or New Zealand. If you are required to undergo a chest x-ray for the purposes of immigration to your country of study, we will pay for the necessary incurred charges up to a maximum of $50 per person per year.

Yes. Each item of your personal belongings is automatically covered up to these individual item limits:

New Zealand              NZ$2,500
Rest of the world        US$1,500, or €1,350, or £900,

but if you have an item whose value is higher than these, you can apply to have it covered separately for an additional premium.

Addition premium is 1.5% of the current value of the item. We will require a receipt (for items less than 12 months old) or valuation stating the current replacement value (for items more than 12 months old) for each item, which should be submitted at the time of application.

We can only pay claims for items greater in value than the above amounts if we have received the receipt or current replacement valuation, so please make sure you provide one with your application for insurance.

No, routine health screening and preventative medical check-ups are not covered under StudentCare policies.

There is no automatic cover for pre-existing conditions.

A pre-existing condition is any condition for which you have seen a doctor, or had any treatment, or had signs or symptoms (whether diagnosed or not) within the 12 months immediately preceding your application or that were evident prior to the date your policy commences.

If you have not had any treatment, symptoms or signs of a previous condition for 12 months, you can apply in writing to have the condition covered. Acceptance is not automatic and is at our discretion.

Yes, you can claim for medicine if it has been prescribed by a registered doctor and is obtained from a registered pharmacist.

You will need to supply a medical report to support your claim so we know why the medication was prescribed, so please ask your doctor for one while you’re there.

StudentCare policies are for international students enrolled in an educational institute. However, if you live in New Zealand, we may be able to offer continued cover under an alternative plan. If you would like more information on this, let us know

No, birth control/contraceptive costs are not covered under StudentCare policies.

StudentCare plans do include cover for complications to pregnancy/childbirth following injury or illness where a doctor considers it to be an emergency, but there is no cover for routine maternity cost.

If you have any other questions, would like to request information, or just need some clarification about your policy, please let us know and one of the StudentCare team will be happy to help.

You can reach us on:


+64 (0) 9 309 2119

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