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For emergency assistance click here.

Hopefully nothing bad will happen to you or your personal belongings while you’re studying, but if it does don’t worry – claiming is usually quick and simple.

Just print one of our claim forms, fill it in, sign it and send it to us with any supporting documentation.

Medical claim form
Luggage claim form
Other claims

StudentCare Claims   

PO Box 4513
Shortland Street
Auckland 1140
New Zealand

We’ll assess your claim against the conditions described in your policy wording, so if you don’t know whether you can claim or not you should take a look. That will give you a better idea of whether the loss you’ve suffered is covered under your plan.

If you just have a question about claiming or a claim you’ve already sent, contact us on:

Tel: toll free within New Zealand 0800 105 338
or +64 (0) 9 309 2119    

Email: claims@studentcareinsurance.com

Or see our How to Claim Guide for lots of useful tips on how to make sure we can assess your claim as soon as we receive it.

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